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Jacobs Plumbing & Excavating Inc. provides outdoor plumbing services such as sewer locating, standing water corrections, and downspouts. If you have standing water problems, or underground pipe repairs, call Jacobs Plumbing & Excavating Inc for a FREE consultation.

Outdoor plumbing services

Installations, replacement and repair

• Blue Max Underground Lines Replaced

  and Repaired

• Coulvert Pipes Replacement

• Downspout Drainage Installation

• Drainage Repair

• Erosion Control

• French Drain

• Sewer Locator

• Sewer and Water Services

• Sewer Repair, Sewer Clean Out,

  Sewer Replacement

• Standing water problems

• Storm Sewer Repair

• Underground utilities

• Video camera pipe evaluations

• Waterline Replacement and Repairs

• Waterline Emergency Water Main Repair

What else should I know?

Jacobs is a family owned and operated business also providing premier excavating and demolition services.


Our mini excavators can get between small spaces and in between buildings with ease.

Complete professional services